Yoga Poses To Help You Get Out Of Bed

Morning Glory

Not a morning person? Can’t seem to get up to the first sound of your alarm? Can’t make it out to the District in Tustin for Rise and Shine Yoga here at Caffe Yoga? No problem! Start your morning off right with these great yoga poses to wake you up and help to get your day started. All you need is to get out of bed and move through these four poses to help get that mind and body kick started for the day. This can help with your flexibility, focus, tension, stress and so much more!

  • Cat- Cow
    • Cat –Cow is a great warm up pose for anytime of the day, but especially when you are just waking up. Starting with this movement-based pose will help wake your spine up while also beginning to connect your breath to your whole body.
  • Downward Dog
    • Downward Dog is another great pose for the morning to get the blood rushing throughout the whole body. Take your time through long breaths in this pose to help stretch each muscle after (hopefully) a good nights sleep.
  • Warrior One
    • Warrior one is perfect for waking up the mind and strength in your body. This pose will help to strengthen the body and core forcing you to maintain balance. Don’t forget to breathe in this pose, as it will help to continue waking up the body and mind.
  • Tree Pose
    • Tree pose helps to center the focus of the mind back into what can be conquered that day. Using the balance of this pose will also continue to waken up the core helping to get your muscles ready for the day.

Take these four poses and start your day right by focusing on you and what is to come in your day. It is important to always remember to create healthy and daily routines that bring your world together. These poses specifically can help to wake you up from your head to your toes. Try to focus on each part of your body individually as you get out of bed.

Starting your day with yoga is a great way to wake yourself up (with or without coffee) and focus on yourself. If you do have the time, stop by Caffe Yoga in the District Promenade on your way to work for a Rise and Shine yoga class. Work in Tustin or Irvine… even easier! This class will boost your mood before your day at the office.

If you don’t have time in the mornings, try these poses to start your day and then meet us during lunch or after your day to find your inner peace and energy.