What’s In Your Yoga Bag

Image Credit: http://www.gaiam.com/

What are the essentials needed in your yoga bag? Those go-to items needed to make every class your best one yet. Whether you are on the go and pack it before work or are putting it together for your next class, keep some of these essentials in mind when putting your perfect yoga bag together.

  • Your “perfect” yoga mat:
    • This one might be a no-brainer for most, but finding the perfect yoga mat for you is key. Most people are interested in the mats that feel good under them during the whole class. These traits of these mats could include, non-slip, color, length, and sweat resistant materials. To find the perfect yoga mat for you, it is important to research into what you truly need. A non-slip yoga mat might help especially for poses such as downward dog or reverse warrior so that your grip stays planted and does not go out from under you. If the slipperiness has never affected you before, choose a mat that brightens your mood with your favorite color. Don’t have a mat yet? No problem! Here at Caffe Yoga, you can borrow a mat for free for your first class or purchase your own here in our studio!
  • A yoga towel:
    • For those taking a hot yoga class or our Caffe Yoga- Half Hot Yoga classes at 84 degrees, keep in mind you might want a yoga mat that is sweat resistant. If you tend to sweat a lot in your classes look into purchasing a yoga towel. A yoga towel is perfect for that extra non-slip action and will keep your mat dry even while you are working hard.
  • Hydration of your choice:
    • While you may not want to be chugging water on your way into your yoga class (headstands will not feel so great!), keep a bottle of water with you at all times to keep yourself hydrated throughout the class and especially after. Staying hydrated will help ensure a release of toxins through your vinyassa flow.
  • Yoga Clothing:
    • This item is definitely essential… but is something you have great artistic freedom with. A typical yoga outfit may include cropped leggings, a fitted sports bra and a tank top, but feel free to mix and match your entire closet. Although yoga clothing may be addicting to buy and insanely cute, always choose something that is going to make your body feel good, not just look good. It is important to wear something that you feel comfortable in and can move to your maximum potential in. You wouldn’t want to be in downward facing dog and have a super flowy shirt fall over your head, right!? So find some clothing that you are able to move in but hey, we won’t judge if it happens to be cute as well!
  • Hair Ties/ Headband
    • How many times have you thought you had an extra hair tie, and spent 5 minutes searching through your purse? Keep a extra couple hair ties and a headband in your yoga bag to make sure you always have something to tie your hair up with, for class and after!
  • A peaceful attitude:
    • This may sound cheesy, but listen for one second… We go through our days working, rushing to pick the kids up, making dinner, doing more work and hopefully take a yoga class in the midst of it all. In Orange County, this busy lifestyle can be seen all around us. Just remember to take a moment for yourself. Come join us at Caffe Yoga in Tustin for that quick moment (or hour and a half) to bring your mind to a peaceful state. Carry this peaceful attitude in your yoga bag for you to always find when you get to the studio, that way you can leave all your other errands and baggage off of the mat.

Think we missed something essential you could need in your yoga bag? Let us know by commenting below or stopping in to check out the Caffe Yoga studio. Visit us at caffeyoga.com for more information on our classes and check out the schedule for when you can bring your yoga bag in for a peaceful moment in our community.