Teacher Training

Teacher training is a life changing experience that is almost impossible to fully describe to others, until they experience it for themselves. There is an abundance of growth and expansion as an individual, in a way that is equivalent to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The support and love that the community you become involved and invested in is something we carry with us for life. Many come with OR without the intention of teaching, and leave gaining so much more than that. The evolution of your own practice as a student builds, matures and advances in many ways and on many levels.

During our 9 week adventure together, we will explore not only how to become a certified yoga teacher, but so much more. The following areas are just a handful of what will be covered in the training:

-Yoga philosophy
-Bhakti yoga
-Posture breakdowns
-Thai massage techniques
-Arm balances/Inversions
-The business of yoga
…..And so much more!

*The dates for our upcoming TT are 3/04/19-5/06/19

*Meeting times are as follows:

Wednesdays: 6:00pm-10:30pm

Saturdays: 10:15am- 5:15pm

Sundays: 10:15am- 5:15pm

*May also meet on 1-3 other occasions TBA

Personal investment: $2995 (non-members)
Personal investment: $2495 (members)

**Payment plans available when needed

**$500 non refundable deposit to secure your spot (your student hours towards your certificate begin when you put down your deposit)

Any questions can be e-mailed to info@caffeyoga.com or you can request to talk via phone call or in person.

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do” -Unknown