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Stephanie Alarcon

Position:Yoga Instructor
Born and raised in Orange County, California, Stephanie believes in leading through positive example and innate optimism. She began exploring spirituality at a young age through reading, music and workshops at the local spiritual bookstore. This soul exploration led to physical and mental activity such as nature walks, martial arts and the sporadic Yoga and Meditation classes over many years. It wasn’t until healing after a major surgery in 2016 that she began a consistent at home Yoga practice. After cultivating this at home practice, Stephanie realized that she was passionate about Yoga and wanted to learn more. There was a longing to know more about the philosophy; Where did it start? Why do we use these movement? Why does it affect our energy? How can I become involved in sharing this feeling of healing and connection? In the most perfect timing she came across a Facebook post for Caffe Yoga’s Teacher Training and was certified in the first graduating class. As a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Stephanie is honored to guide a compassionate and loving Yoga practice. She is committed to sharing Yoga with others as a form of healing, self-knowledge and self-expression. She believes that Yoga is a path that can lead body, mind and soul to a healthy, long and loving life.