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Samantha Eve Kennedy

Position:Yoga Instructor
Samantha Eve is a Kripalu Certified Yoga Teacher. A firm believer in the idea that yoga is for EVERYONE, her mission is to inspire each yoga student to find joy in his or her personal practice. Coming to yoga in her late teens, Samantha Eve enjoyed the fitness aspects of yoga. For several years, she attended various styles of yoga classes, while exploring dance traditions such as ballet, hip-hop, jazz, and belly-dancing. An advocate for the power of music to maintain a positive spirit, Samantha Eve continued to practice yoga and dance even as life took her in a direction different from her more active passions. A lifelong scholar, Samantha Eve obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Classics (Ancient Greece and Rome) and a Master of Arts in Teaching. She taught English Language Arts to high school students from freshmen to seniors. Noticing that both students and teachers were struggling with work/life balance, Samantha Eve eventually left teaching to explore a way to remediate this imbalance in her own life. Returning to her yoga mat, she realized that the asanas were more than a way to keep physically fit, and began to study how the mindful practices of meditation and pranayama enabled a healthy mind and spirit. Attending retreats at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshires, Samantha Eve concluded that the next step in her professional path was to become a yoga teacher. The Kripalu method of yoga - with its emphasis on personal growth, mind/body/heart/spirit health, and inclusive teaching practices - was the perfect match for Samantha Eve’s individual style. She attended the 200 hour teacher training and received her certification after an inspiring experience. A passionate traveler, vegan, blogger, and yogi, Samantha Eve also enjoys dancing, hiking, kayaking, and running. This upbeat instructor is sure to help you find the joy in your practice.