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Michelle Weinhofen

Position:Yoga Instructor
Michelle is from Laguna Beach, California and first found yoga when training for a half marathon. She found that she was craving balance in her body and a way to lengthen her muscles that had tightened up from running. She fell in love with what yoga had to offer, discontinued running, and started practicing yoga wholeheartedly. Her love for yoga grew and she wanted to dive deeper by getting certified to teach. She completed her teacher training on the big island of Hawaii through Yogaworks led by Alicia Cheung. Michelle's teaching style consists of a blend of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga. She shares her love for breaking a sweat, arm balances and inversions, and working the core as well as slowing it down for a more yin style practice that is slow, calming, and grounding. She emphasizes alignment, mindful control, and feeling good in your body while practicing each pose. In this practice, Michelle likes to incorporate a mind-body experience through the control of the breath. By focusing on the breath, it allows our mind to be quieted while using yoga poses to open up and get into our bodies that help us dive a little deeper within ourselves. Through this practice she wants to help people find a journey of self discovery. What we learn on our mat can be used in our off-the-mat daily life. Michelle continues to see how much yoga has changed her life for the better and wants to share that with others