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Mao Takada

I was first introduced to the yoga world through a friend in college. It didn't stick at the time but once I returned home to California, my goal was to fully embrace a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. I was working out aggressively and eventually came to the conclusion that if I kept going at that pace, my body would certainly break. I decided that yoga was the perfect complement. Initially, the goal of wanting to conquer the difficult arm balances was what kept me coming back to the mat. It wasn't until I ended up at Spectra Yoga (where I did my teacher training) that I slowed down enough to realize there was more to yoga than just the asanas. Suddenly, I became drawn to yoga for a different reason. Now, I am infatuated with the subtle, introspective side of yoga just as much as the asanas. The meditation; the pranayama techniques; the greater sense of awareness both physically and mentally; the tangibility of calm that is present in my life today. The fact that yoga can be applied to everyday life - both on the good days and the bad - have made me realize there are only benefits to gain through this practice and I hope to share that with the world. I specialize in the styles of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. My intention is for students to cultivate a greater sense of awareness physically, mentally, and spiritually. The goal is that students begin to connect to their best versions and feel a sense of freedom through mindfully crafted flows that emphasize proper alignment and introspection.