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Linh Ngo

I found yoga in 2010 after graduating from college, but it wasn’t until my first year of grad school that I discovered the benefits of yoga. Working and attending school full time, I found salvation in yoga to help me maintain my balance, focus, and sanity. I moved to sunny Southern California in early 2017 after receiving with an MBA and M.S. in Marketing Research. Met with unemployment and short-term works, I turned the unfortunate time into an opportunity to dive deeper into something I was falling in love with. Through consistent practice, I noticed I was becoming stronger – mentally and physically. Although, I enjoy the physical aspect of yoga, it is the meditative side of yoga that calls to me. Inspired by the insights I gained on the mat and words of encouragement from some of my favorite teachers, I made a leap into the world of yoga philosophy, alignment, and physical practice thru 200-YTT from Spectra Yoga in Costa Mesa, CA. Having found my strength, confidence, and competence on the mat, I strive to marry restorative and hatha yoga into a powerful combination to create a gentle relaxation of the body while still working to build strength and balance to the physical and subtle body. I believe breath-work above all is the most important element to a powerful yoga practice. My focus and intention for every class is pranayama, alignment, and finding YOUR edge (and inner dialogue).