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Kimberly Tollman

Yoga to me is therapy on several levels. My background is as a licensed Marriage Family Therapist, mainly working with severely mentally ill and emotionally disturbed patients. Although I love and deeply believe in the benefits of traditional mental health therapy, nothing has expanded my own coping skills more than my yoga practice. My first experience with yoga was in an intermediate hot Vinyasa class. That experience led me to my Hot Power Fusion 200-hour TT @ Core Power Yoga that following year. Although my base is in the 26 posture/Bikram style sequence, I absolutely love teaching vinyasa style classes as well. I have also taught many community based classes, including charity events and large groups of elementary school kiddos. The most important and consistent piece that yoga brings into my life, is returning to my breath, as well as the idea and belief that everything is going to be ok! Letting go of things and being calm and present was not a natural thing for me before yoga came into my life. I'm a native of Orange County but have traveled as far as South Africa, Europe, Canada, and many parts of Mexico. After a major car accident 3 years ago and enduring many challenges, the one thing I was able to rely and lean on is that amazing and beautiful yoga breath.....the breath of life. This is exactly what gets me through any obstacle that arises on my path. My journey of physically getting back to yoga after my car accident was a rough road, but I can gratefully say that with everything I've learned and grown from, I am back, enormously humbled, and have found a deeper and better way of living. I look forward to sharing energy and light on the mat with any and all levels of yogis. Favorite posture: Standing Bow This posture not only challenges the flexibility in one's body, but it also challenges the balance as well as the monkey mind (that inner chatter that can hinder the beauty of being truly present). I love seeing and feeling the progress that my own body and mind have made within this posture, and being able to see the progress that students journey through as well. Balancing on one foot while holding the other and kicking into a backbend, while trying to quiet the mind is not an easy task!