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Karyssa Schuppe

"Growing up a gymnast, Karyssa has always had a passion for finding balance between strength and flexibility through physical activity. After her gymnastics career ended, she struggled to find a form of exercise that offered both in the same way that gymnastics always had. At her first yoga class in 2008, it felt like coming home- while different in many ways, yoga was a seamless blend of strength and flexibility that offered new challenges and so much more where other forms of exercise had fallen short. While she first started yoga for the physical benefits, she quickly realized how much depth yoga offered, the moving meditation was something that came naturally as it was subconsciously something that gymnastics had instilled in her from a young age. This transformational realization and the desire to share it with others is what led Karyssa to her first yoga teacher training at Core Power Yoga in Denver in 2013. Since then, Karyssa has expanded her teaching to include restorative yoga and kid's yoga so that she can help spread the benefits of yoga to people of truly any age! With a strong background in human biology, anatomy and physiology, Karyssa's goal in teaching yoga is to always meet each student exactly where they are by providing a safe, supportive and fun environment for all students no matter their age, experience level or ailments and to help each student experience the deeper benefits of moving meditation that yoga can offer."