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Erin Stensby

Position:Yoga Instructor
I have always been passionate about health and fitness as long as I can remember. My passion started early in life when I became a personal trainer and worked at various gyms in the Orange County area. During that time, I had taken some basic yoga classes here and there and I feel like thats when the seed was planted. A few years ago my true love for the practice started. I was experiencing some difficult health issues and yoga became something that was absolutely therapeutic for me. Being so connected with my body and mind was healing and something that I couldn't get enough of. One night, I wandered into this new little studio called Caffe Yoga and it was love at first sight! Being in this studio is like being home. I earned my 200 hr certification here and have made these other yogis my family. My favorite part of teaching is intention setting because it gives the chance to open the mind to so many possibilities and positive affirmations. Because I am also a singer and passionate about music, I absolutely LOVE play-listing! Something about flowing with amazing music gives me life. Im so grateful to have found this practice and look forward to growing with all of you! With love and light.