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Erin Stensby

Position:Yoga Instructor
Erin has always had a passion for health and fitness, but she found her love for yoga in 2015 at Caffe Yoga. While dealing with some chronic health issues, yoga became the place of healing for her. As her body and mind became one through her practice, she was drawn to the idea of teaching and giving this amazing gift to others. Through Caffe Yoga, she completed a transformative teacher training and has been guiding others ever sense. Erin loves teaching vinyasa based classes, linking breath to movement and allowing students to feel life-force energy flow within each of them as they move. She truly believes that through the mindful movement of yoga and breath work, the body and mind can become a place where deep healing can happen. Erin continues to experience the healing of yoga throughout her life time and time again. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her husband, her cat Kibbles and with family and friends! Erin invites each of you to go on this journey of healing, self awakening and connection to your mind, body and spirit and can’t wait to guide you as you embark on this beautiful journey- namaste.