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Cheyenne Day

Cheyenne started yoga at the early age of 16 at Corepower Yoga, At a time where she was discovering the benefits of changing her exercise and eating habits, she wanted to learn the fundamentals of a yoga sequence to increase flexibility and strength to supplement the latter. While not always constant, she has always come back to yoga time and time again for restoration, change and healing over the last ten years, dedicating her practice toward stillness of the mind and wellness in the body. It was in fall of 2017 that she decided to take her practice to the next level by becoming a teacher at Ra University. When Cheyenne found BJJ three years ago (Brazilian jiu jitsu), it was a rewarding but physically demanding discipline that caused physical wear and tear over the years—she provides classes that engage challenging postures but also nurtures those who are in the process of healing like herself. Lastly, her background in massage therapy has created a deeper knowledge of anatomy which helps to carefully construct her classes so that each asana has a design and purpose. She would describe her classes as challenging, invigorating and uplifting.