1. It’s my first time doing yoga…. what do I wear and what do I need to bring? 

• We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in.  If you tend to heat up easily, we recommend having layers so you can be comfortable as your internal temperature adjusts.

You will need a yoga mat (which we also offer for sale or a $3 rental fee). 

We sell Just bottled water but you are welcome to bring your own.


2. What is your most gentle class offered that would be good for new practitioners? 

• Our most gentle and slowest paced class is called Reset & Restore.

This class offers a gentle approach that focuses on stretching, lengthening, relaxing, and breathing.

Please see our schedule for class days and times.


3. I left my yoga mat/water bottle/jewelry/etc. behind…. how do I find it?

• We offer free “babysitting” of any items left behind for 30 days max. After that, items are donated to those in need. 

We have a small lost and found basket on the shoe rack that fits small items for a maximum of 30 days. 

**Please note that we do our best to keep all items left behind, but we are not responsible at all for anything that isn’t ours and is left at the studio.


4. What is good etiquette before/during/after a class? 


Arriving at least 10 minutes early if it’s your first time to our studio is highly recommended so we can make sure you are registered properly and to give you a tour of our space. 

Arriving at least 5 minutes before class is recommended for repeat students. 

Honoring our cancellation policy of 4 hours not only helps us during set up before classes, but also shows respect for other students who may be on a waitlist for the class.


•Please honor other students, as well as the teacher, by not talking to other students, as well as refraining from using your phone at all. 

*Please make sure your phone is on silent for the entire class 

If you need to use the restroom, please feel free anytime- just try to move through the studio quietly as to not disturb others or the teacher. 

Honor your self at all times. If you need to rest or take a break, we support that 100%. Our first priority is safety and we hope yours is also.  


If it’s your first time to the studio, please make sure to stop by the front desk before you leave if you have not paid for/reconciled your class. 

*We offer a 100% judgement free zone  

5. Do I need to do every posture and movement that the teacher suggests?

•Absolutely not. We are here to guide and teach you. We pride ourselves on offering as many layers to postures and transitions as possible, so that every student feels successful within their practice.

*Please let us know if you have any injuries or conditions so we may help to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible. 

6. I’m intimidated by being a new student to the practice/studio…. what would help me? 

•Because we offer an all inclusive and compassionate approach, try to let go of any expectations on yourself, and know that we are here to support and help you learn the practice at your own pace.

•Another option is trying out a private session first. We can tailor the session to your needs and provide some basics so you feel more comfortable going into the class setting.


7. I’d like some specific options/postures/help with my practices…. what should I do to receive that? 

•If we have time to chat for a few minutes before or after classes, we are happy to help.

However due to timing sometimes, we are unable to provide extremely specific details and therefor the best option would be booking a private session. We also offer a discount on pre-paid private sessions of 4 or more.


8. How many times a week should I practice? 

•Our motto is any yoga is better than no yoga! Do what you can….. the benefits only increase the more you do it. 

9. What if I have my child with me and don’t have a caretaker during the class? 

•We do not offer any childcare. 

•We also do not allow children in the studio unless it’s during our Tween Yoga class. 

•We offer Tween yoga on Mondays for ages 9-15 and our regular classes will accommodate ages 16 and up. 

10. Do you offer new student promotions at the studio? 


We currently offer 2 new student promotions as long as the student lives in Orange County (option to choose ONE of the following ONE TIME ONLY):

•1 Free week (7 consecutive days)

• 50% off any class package or single unlimited month

*These promotions cannot be combined with any other new student promotions. 

*Student must currently reside in Orange County 

*No adjusting of expiration dates allowed 

*Non-transferable and non-refundable 

*Offers subject to change at any time 

11. Can I try the first class for free? 

•Please refer to our current new student promotions in #10

**We do allow brand new students to take the class first before deciding on a promotion but a decision must be made BEFORE leaving the studio in order to reconcile the class just attended. 

12. Do you offer Teacher Training? 


Please call or email us anytime to inquire about our upcoming 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified program! 

13. What if I have a preexisting condition (injury) and/or are pregnant? 

•Please let us know from the beginning so that we can offer helpful suggestions to keep you safe! 

Most importantly, please make sure your doctor has either recommend or approved you practicing yoga before attending. 

14. What if I’m not flexible? 

•The most common question we hear before a new student braves their first class…..

The goal of yoga is to breathe, to become a better version of yourself, to lengthen, stretch and strengthen while becoming more flexible. 

We are here to help you with any and all intentions you may have, and have personally experienced more flexibility, physically and mentally, and are so excited to share that with you!