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Sound Bath

Part meditation, part zen concert for your soul while you chill on the floor. Have you ever gone to a concert and felt the bass bumping in your bones? Vibrations of gongs, singing bowls, shamanic drums and rattles, ocean drum and rainstick penetrate skin, muscles, bones,  and —most importantly — our subtle body, the energy field that holds our prana, chi, life force energy. When in a relaxed posture, such as lying on the floor, these frequencies have the power to bring balance to our physical and subtle bodies, allowing our brains and nervous systems to relax, release, and restore while also re-energizing.  A Sound bath is a vibrating fastrak lane to alpha waves, the frequency emitted  from the brain when we’re relaxed and tranced out, stimulating our brain’s natural ability to heal disorders such as depression, anxiety, restlessness, chronic pain, insomnia; and, it is also used as a tool to spark creativity and deepen meditation experiences.  Lay on the floor, listen, let go. Give yourself permission to feel. Sound baths are like meditative experiences, like falling in love, like dreaming;it never happens the same way twice. Explore how you feel today.

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 2433 Park Ave, Tustin CA 92782

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