Tween Yoga

Tween yoga (ages 9-13):

Starting a yoga practice at this age can be life altering on so many positive levels.
Our “Tweens” learn the basics of the yoga postures, start to combine them together, and end up flowing through sequences together.  Basic principals of yoga will also be included on a level that suits the students.
Just a few of the many benefits of this age group practicing together are:
-building community and friendships
-increasing self esteem/self confidence
-learning to accept yourself and others
-strengthening the body and mind to handle stress and outside pressures
-increasing an overall sense of peace and calmness within themselves
Classes are taught to modern, fun music by our hip and motivating instructors.
Breath work is always incorporated as well as a mindful relaxation period at the end of each class.
**All of our classes are taught with modifications so any and all levels of yogis are welcome to join us.