Reset And Restore

Resetting our mind and restoring our bodies are equally imperative when seeking a higher level of wellness.   Join us for 60 gentle, but active minutes, perfect for beginners, or students seeking a slower paced and more relaxing experience. Postures are taught with many different variations so that all levels can easily follow along. Breath work is always incorporated in a mindful way to begin and end your practice with clarity, focus, and inner peace.

**Modifications and variations are offered, all levels are welcome.

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  1. Denise Macon
    6 hours ago

    Attended this class last (7/25/16) night. It was perfect after a long physical weekend helping my daughter move into her new apartment. The stretching and breathing is just what my body was craving. Was able to get my yoga in without over exerting my body…no I’m prepped for more yoga this week. Michelle did a good job. Thanks.


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