our story

There are no coincidences……
Stars aligned just as they should, and Caffe Yoga was founded.
With many visions and creative ideas, this studio that was just a fun daydream became a small seed that then became a reality. Next thing you know, daydreams and thoughts started to become beautiful expressive artwork, sage splashed on the walls, warm flooring under our feet, and those extra little personal touches that each of us carries within us.
Caffe Yoga was created and handmade with love by a village of amazing, genuine friends and family.
The space was a blank pallet and as it filled up with unique pieces and hand picked decor, it took on its own personality and turned into its own sweet sanctuary.
The hope and dream is to offer, share, and spread the love and nurturing from within these walls to everyone who comes inside to visit.

I Love Caffe Yoga

  • Love Kim!!!! Sweetest and kindest and most beautiful person, both inside and out!

  • Kim is an extremely passionate, kind, compassionate, generous, nurturing person. She is a beautiful person, inside and out and an inspiring bright light to all who come in contact with her:) She is an attentive instructor with an innate ability to read her students minds. She makes adjustments kindly and accurately and communicates with her students in a way that's engaging and fun. She's truly a gifted instructor, with an openess and playful spirit!


  • "Caffe Yoga is more than just a yoga studio, it is a complete health and wellness experience. Kim is a beautifully authentic woman who put her heart and soul into this studio and it shows in all the tiny details, from the welcoming decor to the variety of classes. It is a breath of fresh air to have a studio that feels more like a home, where I am always welcomed on my mat!"


  • After a sneak peek tour of Caffe Yoga, I am so excited for it to officially open its doors in early September!  Caffe Yoga's owner, Kimberly Tollman, is warm, knowledgable and full of love!  In addition to yoga, I am especially looking forward to Mindfulness Meditation.  Caffe Yoga is amazing-- you must check it out for yourself!!


  • My mom is the best!!!  I am super proud of her for opening Caffe Yoga.  Namaste Mamma.


  • Marie Morgan
  • Bree
  • Amanda
  • Brenna
  • Caleb